How-To Create: Intimate Cozy Bedroom In 5 Quick Steps


That peaceful escape where you head to at the end of your day should be your intimate cozy bedroom. It should be your sanctuary. A personalised space that reflects you and allows you to reset and recharge your mind and body that is free from any stress.

Here are 5 quick tips for you to elevate and boost the comfort of your space with soft furnishings selected from various local brands. 


We spend a lot of time on our beds, so it is important to make sure that our bedding is of the utmost of comfort. Having access to ethically and sustainably made affordable luxury bedding is the new way.


Lighting is incredibly essential for any last minute readings before bed but it creates a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, warm tone light bulbs help create a calm and peaceful mood before you head off to sleep.


Having lighted scented candles helps create a peaceful ambiance which aids in destress and relaxation but they also double as an element of décor to your bedroom. With an abundance of scents out in the market you’ll have no trouble selecting the scent that best reflects you.


Without a doubt adding a rug into your bedroom exceptionally helps to make it look warm and inviting. It creates an additional level of comfort with that soft cushioned feel. Not to mention they add personality and help tie your bedroom all together.


A simple yet classic way of personalising your bedroom and a great way of preserving memories that brings a smile to your face. From your loved ones to your friends you can always add more frames and swap the pictures out whenever.