How-To Create: Productive Work Environment

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With the coronavirus global pandemic maxing waves throughout the world, a lot of us have had to adapt to working from home. Especially in Singapore’s almost two month lockdown period, resulting in the majority of us working remotely from home and with that comes the challenge of making sure that your work space is as productive as you can possibly make it.

These are some of our tips on creating a productive work environment from home. That works great for adults and students alike who need a conducive environment to get things done throughout the day

What You’ll Need
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These are some of the essential items you will need for a productive work space at home. 

A study desk that you can have a sturdy work space. A comfortable chair that has adequate back support and a cushion will go a long way for all the long hours you will be working at your desk. Not forgetting some personalised touches for you to include such as flowers – they easily brighten up your day and make your work environment look lively and fresh. Last but not least, some sort of functional organisation system for you to have a tidy and decluttered work environment.