Where To Get Interior Design Inspiration

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Sometimes you really can have too many options. With an abundance of choices available it tends to get overwhelming, and you might have a hard time narrowing down your options. Another struggle that some of us might have is the visualisation aspect when it comes to acquiring new pieces of furniture and figuring out how to design a space. 

This article will help you effectively narrow down where to get interior design inspiration for your space, with the amount of resources available in the market and that will help you furnish your space and take it up a notch.

So…where to get interior design inspiration for your space ?

  1. IKEA
  2. Crate & Barrel

Both these sources regularly distribute their catalogues to the masses. They both offer modern and contemporary furnishings for their target audiences. From the pieces they are selling you can narrow down what items speak to you and would like to potentially include in your space. They also show how furnishings are styled in specific rooms of a house (i.e. bedroom/ kitchen). 

home staging
Home Decor Websites
  1. Home and Decor Singapore
  2. Architectural Digest

Sometimes it helps to visualise when you are viewing what is most applicable to you and your lifestyle. Home & Decor Singapore shows spaces that are right here in Singapore from HDBs, to Condos and more, the site helps to give a more accurate aid in visualisation as the spaces and configurations are what we are acclimated with. Similarly with Architectural Digest, focuses more on international architecture – it gives an in depth look into homes and will no doubt give you plenty of interior design inspiration. 

Social Media
  1. Pinterest

With this day and age social media is a great way to get inspiration from anywhere at any time. Designed to specifically share ideas you will not have a hard time coming up with new creative ideas for your space. On the platform you can create mood boards to help organise your thoughts as well as designs and not get you too overwhelmed.