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home staging

This topic has always been a toss-up for owners who are looking to sell their property as well as realtors who are aiding in the transaction. There are numerous advantages to invest in property staging. However, it also comes with a certain degree of risk. In this piece, we further explore if home staging is worth the investment or not.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is whereby you add and arrange decor and furniture items throughout the house (either through rentals or potentially even your own) to space with the intent to dress up the place, to highlight its best and standout features.

home staging

Its purpose is also to aid in the sale or rental of the property with the aim to receive as much as possible for it in the quickest amount of time as smoothly as possible. Home staging also maximises your revenues with higher sale price & faster timeframe!

Benefits of Home Staging

There are many advantages to home staging, the main one would definitely be it allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in that space easier and it also creates an “emotional” staging. It also showcases the house in the best way and allows it to look lived in and it gives that personal touch to space.

You are also keeping up with the current market with many people using various property technology means (Property Guru/ Zillow/ 99.co) to find their accommodations, staged homes will stand out and as humans are visual beings by nature, staged homes also appear bigger.

Staged homes also help to increase the property value and buyers tend to offer more money for staged homes, and they also tend to be bought quicker than homes that have not been staged.

The Cost of Staging

You can always start by utilizing furniture you currently own to cut down on costs. Additionally, if you feel that you want to add a few other essentials furnishings and some decor items to really showcase the space, you can always rent them from a furnishing company for a set amount of time.

Home staging is sort of a new concept in Singapore, so the main focus would be to not overdo it and make space feel that a potential buyer has walked into a furnishing catalogue where everything is too “perfect”. Striking a balance will be one of the most important factors when deciding to stage a home.

Although it might not be common practice here in Singapore, it definitely does have its advantages as stated above. 

What Are You Waiting For

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