Focusing On 2 Key Areas For Home Staging

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Home Staging is a relatively newly introduced concept to the Singaporean Market and with that being said the process of staging a home can be quite daunting to first-time sellers /sellers who are new to home staging.

Remembering The Importance

One of the main purposes of home staging is to highlight the best features and assets of a home. So do not get too carried away during the process.

Stage Where It Counts

For the majority of properties in Singapore such as HDBs and condominiums, the living and kitchen areas will be the first spaces that potential buyers will notice upon entering the home. They create the first impression for buyers and will be the areas that they will pay more consideration towards.

Main Tips

Declutter your home, it makes the space look more appealing and larger to the eye which is something that buyers commonly look for (how large the room is) and having too many things lying around can make the room look too busy. 

Allow as much light in, again this also makes your room look bigger and at the same time, it makes your home look more welcoming and fresh. 

Adding simple decor pieces, there is no need to go overboard and fill your home with numerous places as it makes your home seem too “perfect” and crisp. Having a few decor pieces displayed throughout the house helps give it balance and character.