How-To: Jazz Up Your Entrance Way

home styling

With the Lunar New Year approaching in just a few weeks, many of us will be embarking on our annual spring cleaning. As we do that we might find that we want to spruce up our living areas to create lasting impressions for friends and family when they come and visit us.

Creating More Seating Options

With more human traffic involved extra seating areas are always well appreciated and placing a bench or ottoman near the entrance and door is perfect, especially when it comes to your guests taking off their shoes and wearing them again.

Introducing More Greenery

Adding nature to your homes makes it look fresh and gives it that touch of calmness, they also keep it fresh and inviting. The great thing is you can always place larger plants both by the entrance and outside your home all year round, making them very multipurpose.

Brightening Up The Spaces

As hosts can expect to have guests coming in throughout the day those gatherings could sometimes last further than anticipated as we all get caught up in the moment. The additional lighting (especially once the sun has set) can be placed near the entrance. It also helps so you and your guests can mingle all night long.