Paint Colours That Will Never Fail You

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Sometimes simply changing the colour of your room can really spice it up and give the space a completely different feel. Below are different categories that you can always refer to and will never let you down. 


This neutral off-white pallet is perfect if you want a classic crisp nuded tone on your walls. You can never go wrong with them. It provides a fresh backdrop allowing you to play around with your furnishings and decors (such as art/ throws) more without worry about a clash of the pallets. 

Cool Tones: 

Cool tones are often found as making you feel relaxed and refreshed. They also help open up the space and make smaller rooms look much more spacious. Additionally, they are great complementary colours for spaces with earthy tones and materials such as: ratan, stone and wood. 

Warm Tones: 

Warm tones give off a feeling of intimacy and are known for being “passionate”. They are best used for rooms that see a lot of activity and help make bigger areas feel cozier. For example, in a house it could be a good option to paint either your dining or living room a warm tone and gives the space a pop of colour without being too harsh on the eyes.