expatspartnerExpats Partner is a brand subsidiary of Events Partner Pte Ltd, one of the most trusted leaders in events furniture rental and styling scene in Singapore. A solution provider for Home Staging, Office Staging & Property Staging, we also provide short and long term furniture rental solutions for expatriates & MNCS requiring residential or corporate relocation furniture solutions.

Lovers of good furniture design, we work with Property Agents, Developers, Landlords, Expats & ID firms to bring residential & office spaces to life through home staging & property staging / styling or short and long term furniture rental needs, allowing one to truly enjoy customized solutions with convenience, comfort and unparalleled customer service.

From commercial hire such office furniture hire or training & education furniture rental to relocation furniture rental to property or home staging, Expats Partner is determine to bring quality service to your doorstep.

With a team of experienced personnel, commitment to clients and an ever-growing inventory designer replica & in-house furniture designs, we provide furniture hire for all homes, expats furniture rental or office furniture rental needs no matter the size.

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Policy is implemented in September 2011 as a compulsory requirement for all industry in Singapore as by the Government of Singapore. Awarded with BizSafe Level 3 No.17264 which is reflected on here, we are committed to ensuring the safety and health of its members and employees.

Servicing with quality standards, we focus on having a good quality management system in place.

We are the only Furniture Rental Company in Singapore with ISO 9001:2015 GIC Certification Number: 744471

To provide quality service to our clients and protection of some of our in-house designs, we are Trademark certified with Registration no. 40201819236R & 40201819235V

From 2020, in our effort to Go Green & contribute to reducing wastage, we have now implement sustainable efforts in our daily operations. By reducing documents needed to be mail via email & using coreless recycled plastic film wrap (does not use cardboard core), we save around 50 trees from being cut down every year!

We are also a member of the Circular Economy Club, an organization that focus on alternative for the “Take, Make, Consume & Dispose” Mindset to help reduce wastage and improve economies around the world.